About Us

For the very first time in the UAE, CarCare.ae is a dedicated online platform established to bring you the very best detailing products from across the globe, delivered right to your doorstep. Founded by the very owners of one of the most renowned detailers in the region - Auto Mystique Car Care, we have tried and tested all the products being sold and aim to provide a one-stop shop for ensuring your vehicle never looks dull again. Intended for end users who wish to adopt a DIY (Do It Yourself) method and for detailers in the region wishing to use high-quality materials on their customer’s vehicles, CarCare.ae is sure to change the detailing game. Forever.

Our vision is to ensure You - the Customer, are able to select from our Catalog, the very finest cleaning products for your vehicles from the convenience of your homes. With an online payment portal and door-to-door delivery, who could have thought shopping for your vehicle needs was ever this easy?

Our motto is simple: Cleaning Up The City, One Car At A Time. We are here to serve you and ensure you are able to experience the joys of a clean car. Always.  

At Your Service,