The Launch of

Posted by Shane Yusufali on

As professional detailers in the industry who believe in not compromising on the quality of products used on a customer's vehicle, at the launch of our first business - Auto Mystique Car Care, we went to extreme measures to source these products from across the globe. A rather exhaustive task on its own, we thought to ourselves, why not make this process much simpler for people who want to take this route and not settle on locally available products simply because it is convenient. 

This led to this concept: to create an online eCommerce store where one would be able to purchase high-quality products from the very best of brands available around the world but with the convenience of having these products delivered to your doorstep. is intended for end users who wish to adopt a DIY (Do It Yourself) method and for detailers in the region wishing to up their game and produce better results through the use of superior products. 

Our motto is simple: Cleaning Up The City, One Car At A Time. We are here to serve you and ensure you are able to experience the joys of a clean car. Always.  

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